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Letter of guarantee


Letter of guarantee

In the context of international transactions, you may be required to demonstrate your financial solvency.

Solidaire Banque commits irrevocably through the bank guarantee to provide your supplier with a written commitment thus ensuring to ensure that a specific obligation will be fulfilled.

It serves as a form of assurance or security for the beneficiary, typically in cases where there may be doubts about the obligor's ability to fulfill their obligations, after careful examination of the submitted documents.

Solidaire Banque offers you various tailored guarantee models to meet your specific needs

Solidaire Banque vous offre plusieurs modèles de garanties taillées sur mesure de vos besoins :

Performance guarantee

You can now easily participate in public tender!

Your public procurement contract is guaranteed by the issuance of a performance bond to the relevant authority.

  • After awarding a contract, a buyer often chooses to hedge themselves from any potential shortcomings that might arise during the project implementation phase by a service provider.
  • The performance bond then protects the buyer against potential shortcomings by the supplier regarding the execution of the project.
  • The funds obtained through this guarantee can potentially be used to rectify any deficiencies or to complete the work that has been started in case of problems.
  • For more detailed information regarding the performance bond, please contact your customer relationship agent or visit our nearest branch
Bid Guarantee

You can now easily participate in public tenders!

Your public procurement contract is guaranteed by the provision of a bid bond by Solidaire Banque. This is in case you refuse to sign the contract or fail to provide the typically required performance guarantee.

In such an event, the beneficiary will receive compensation to carry on the disrupted process.